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2023 OFC丨ADTEK Technology presents new products at booth #6141

  OFC 2023 48th Optical Networking and Communications Symposium and Exposition (OFC) will be held from March 5 to 9 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California. 

      For this OFC, ADTEK will bring three new products:

High density FA product solutions

1. Using Changfei and Corning’s 80/165um fiber model, its fiber performance is compatible with G.652 and G.657 performance.
2. External connector port using USCONEC MMC new connector, and ready for compatibility with the next generation of 80/165um fiber connector.
3.FA end for 80um fiber pitch design, fiber density compared to the conventional 125um fiber pitch density increased by about 56%.
4. FA size can be more miniaturized size design, compared with the conventional FA width of 3.5mm can be reduced to 1.6mm design size.
5. High-density miniaturized size FA product design solutions can facilitate the miniaturization of optical device design.

FA product extension program

Features: AR coating to increase light transmittance and reduce loss

Features: single-mode fiber optic mode-field conversion, matched with smaller spot size of silicon light

FA product extension program

Features: PM polarization-preserving fiber, constant polarization direction, improved coherent signal-to-noise ratio

FA product extension program


Features: Small size isolator to suppress the effect of amplified signals transmitted in reverse

Data Center High Density Wiring Frames


High Density Fiber Optic Distribution Frame

Features: 1U modular high-density fiber optic patch panel with modular box splicing. The modular box supports MTP®/MPO pre-terminated, pigtail splicing and cabling. The modular box has higher compatibility, high reuse rate, easy expansion, and a variety of wiring solutions to choose from.

Data Center Cabling High Density Patch Cords

MDC Patchcord

Features: It takes up less space than LC connectors; MDC: 432F per 1RU

CS/SN Patchcord

Features: CS/SN connector is a new duplex connector for 400G next-generation data centers

– Size: approximately 8mm, 40% reduction compared to LC duplex volume

– Push-pull tab design for ease of use

– Proven 1.25 mm ferrule technology

– IEC random fit class B

Traceable fiber finder identifier (for full range of patch cords)

Features: Provides a standardized, customizable, easy-to-manage and maintain, convenient and easy-to-operate fiber finding solution for high-density data center construction cabling and operation and maintenance.

This product can be applied to various indoor and outdoor application scenarios, and can quickly find the target patch cord ends from a large number of redundant patch cords.

Laboratory Environment

About ADTEK:
Established in 2007, ADTEK is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. As a leading provider of optical connectivity equipment, ADTEK has over 16 years of design and manufacturing experience and has expanded its business to more than 70 countries and regions. The company focuses on providing optical connectivity products for global customers, providing customized fiber optic connectivity products for domestic and international carriers, cloud service providers, main equipment vendors, and system integrators.


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