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ADTEK Science | What is data center cabling made of?

Data center cabling is composed of two parts: data center room cabling and support space, and the data center room is divided into several different levels of wiring zones, including main wiring zone, intermediate wiring zone, horizontal wiring zone, regional wiring zone, and equipment wiring zone. Next, we will focus on these wiring areas to understand more about them.

First is the main wiring area, which includes a large number of main fiber patch cords and core switching equipment, and is also the central distribution point of the data center structured cabling system. When the equipment is directly connected to the main wiring area through fiber patch cords, the main wiring area can include horizontally cross-connected wiring equipment. The main wiring area can serve one or more intermediate wiring areas, horizontal wiring areas or equipment wiring areas of data centers in different locations with the support of routers, core switches, core storage area network switching equipment and PBX equipment in the core of the data center network. In layman’s terms, a main wiring area can provide service and support for one or more data centers in one or more other areas through direct connection of fiber optic patch cords, in addition to office areas, operation centers and some other external support areas can provide service and support.

Next is the intermediate wiring area, which serves as the second level backbone to support intermediate cross-connections, one or more intermediate wiring areas per room, per floor, or even per building, serving one or more horizontal wiring areas and equipment wiring areas and one or more telecommunications rooms outside of the computer room. Generally located between the main wiring area and the horizontal wiring area, it is common in large data centers with multiple buildings, multiple floors or multiple server rooms.

The horizontal wiring area is used to serve horizontally cross-connected devices that are not directly connected to the main wiring area. The equipment wiring area contains SAN, LAN and KVM switches that are connected to equipment in the equipment wiring area. Often small data centers can be supported by the main wiring area without a horizontal wiring zone. A data center can set up computer rooms on each floor. When the horizontal wiring area is far away, the purpose can be achieved by setting up multiple horizontal wiring areas.

Regional wiring zone, in large computer rooms, in order to obtain higher configuration flexibility between the horizontal wiring zone and terminal equipment, the horizontal wiring system can contain an optional docking point called the regional wiring zone. Terminal equipment wiring flexibility requirements.

Equipment wiring area refers to the space allocated to the installation of equipment, which contains a wide range of content, including various types of servers, storage devices, small, medium and large computers and related peripherals, etc. Equipment wiring area in the regional wiring is generally fixed in the rack connection hardware or cabinets.

ADTEK was established in 2007, as a leading ODM manufacturer and exporter of fiber optic communication devices, Edeltek has more than 13 years of export experience and has expanded its business to more than 70 countries and regions, with products covering fiber optic patch cords, MPO/MTP patch cords, fiber adapters, WDM WDM multiplexers, CAT8CAT7CAT6ACAT6CAT5E patch panels, modules, network patch cords and cables, information panels, master distribution frames (MDF), fiber distribution frames (ODF), digital distribution frames (DDF), cable transfer boxes, FTTX, server room cabinets, etc. The company focuses on providing fiber optic and copper cable connection products for global customers, providing one-stop fiber optic cabling systems and network cable integrated cabling for domestic and foreign operators, telecom main equipment vendors, and system integrators. solutions.


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