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2023 CFCF丨ADTEK presents new products at booth #C26

June 5-7, 2023, the CFCF2023 Optical Connectivity Conference, hosted by Fiberline, will be held in Suzhou, China. Shenzhen ADTEK Technology Co., Ltd. will present its new products at CFCF2023, booth #C26.

An RFID-based trackable optical patch cable

Features: Provides a standardized, customizable, easy to manage and maintain, convenient and easy to operate fiber finding solution for high-density data center construction cabling and operation and maintenance.

This product can be applied to various indoor and outdoor application scenarios, and can quickly find the target patch cord ends from a large number of redundant patch cords.

Optical module internal optical interconnect product solutions

Matching complete fiber optic component product solutions: Different optical module manufacturers have different optical path and structure design, we provide different fiber optic component product solutions for each optical module manufacturer.

Multi-core deflection-preserving staple fiber assembly: provide multi-core deflection-preserving MT and FA product structure solutions, high extinction ratio, high precision deflection-preserving positioning angle, products meet GR-1221-CORE & GR-1209-CORE reliability standards.

Multi-core MFD conversion staple fiber assembly: provide multi-core MFD conversion MT, FA product structure solutions, MFD fiber conversion loss ≤ 0.3dB, products meet GR-1221-CORE & GR-1209-CORE reliability standards.

Leading product process solutions: Jumper product solutions can support both laser cutting process and grinding process, the introduction of imported laser equipment, stable process capability, products meet GR-1435-CORE reliability standards.

Support the production of AOC products: Based on the short fiber assembly product solution, we can support the needs of AOC (Active Optical Cables) optical module products and provide AOC cable products, which meet the GR-1435-CORE reliability standard.

Product solution application scenario extension: on the basis of optical module internal connection applications, product solutions can support COBO on-board HPC, data storage and other fiber optic product needs; and 2023 hot CPO/LPO and other applications, optoelectronic co-packaging integration, fiber density requirements, bias-preserving fiber products & fiber MFD conversion products can be well supported.


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