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MTP®/MPO Breakout fiber optic patch cords


MTP®/MPO connectors are standards for high-density, high-performance optical fiber connections, enabling parallel connectivity in a compact form factor for rapid deployment in data centers and enterprise networks.



No, you will need a industrial cable in this environment.

Under normal use and proper cleaning, MTP® connectors can survive well over 1000 mate/demates. 

Yes. The MTP® connector is a high performance MPO connector with multiple engineered product enhancements to improve optical and mechanical performance when compared to generic MPO connectors.

MTP is a kind of high performance MPO connector with multiple innovative design. Compared with the general MPO connector, the MTP optical fiber connector has been strengthened in the optical and mechanical properties. MTP connector and professional standards is fully compliant with all of the MPO connector, including EIA/TIA-604-5 FOCIS and IEC-61754-75.

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