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Interview with ADTEK| How does ADTEK"compete globally" by building a large-scale manufacturing base for optical devices?

  1/10/2023, Fiber Optic Online News, the magical 2022 is finally a thing of the past. Some people say that it is normal for corporate revenue to decline in 2022, and being able to maintain the same level is already quite good. Companies that achieve growth must be a symbol of super strength. Today, the editor of Fiber Optic Online visited a member company, Shenzhen ADTEK Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ADTEK ). They still maintained growth in 2022, and their product line continued to expand. Stephen, the marketing director who was interviewed by us, said: In 2022, ADTEK achieved a year-on-year revenue growth of 40%. Maintaining growth in adversity shows ADTEK’s super strong comprehensive strength.

                                                                           Stephen (left), Marketing Director of Adtech, and the editor of Fiber Optic Online

Global layout to build a large-scale manufacturing base for optical devices

ADTEK was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, a vibrant special economic zone. After 15 years of development, it has four major production bases in Shenzhen Xili, Shenzhen-Shantou Cooperation Zone, Suqian, Jiangsu, and Vietnam, with a total production area of more than 40,000 square meters and a staff size of nearly 1,000 people. Its revenue has increased by more than 30% for three consecutive years. At the beginning of its establishment, the company took the overseas market as a breakthrough point, and its product line continued to focus on optical fiber connections, providing optical connection products required for various scenarios for various brand users. 

  2022 is a year of important improvement for ADTEK , further consolidating the foundation of optical connection. From 2021 to 2022, our three major production bases located in the Shenzhen-Shantou Cooperation Zone, Suqian, Jiangsu, and Vietnam will be put into production at the same time; focus on introducing lean production and management, and further improve quality manufacturing and efficient management by upgrading the information ERP/MES system; further upgrade and improve the test laboratory in accordance with the highest international standards such as GR326/1435. In the future, the Shenzhen-Shantou Cooperation Zone factory will focus on new product lines, including the large-core MTP product line, sheet metal product line, and FTTH/FTTA products (including waterproof/remote connectors) expanded in 2022; the Vietnam factory will focus on radiating overseas customers, planning to set up at least 10 production lines, mainly producing high-density, multi-core MTP products and next-generation VSFF new products, which are expected to be completed in 2023. “Stephen said this when talking about the focus of the four major production bases.

High-speed optical module internal connection components further expand product line

 The commissioning of the three major production bases provides the basic conditions for the expansion of ADTEK’s product line. In order to meet the needs of higher density and higher speed connections, ADTEK began to deploy connection components in high-speed optical modules in 2022, including MT-MT, MT-FA, MT-Jumper and other series of products, in order to enrich the product line to serve a broader market space and customer needs.

  In 2022, our domestic business only accounted for 10% of the annual revenue. At present, the manufacturing of high-speed optical modules is concentrated in China. The increase in the micro-connection component product line is an important product line for us to serve domestic customers and the basis for us to expand the domestic market. At present, our monthly production capacity of micro-connection components has reached 100,000. Products used in 400G modules have begun to be sent to customers for sampling, and products for 800G applications are already in the research and development stage. “Stephen revealed when talking about the new product line and domestic market layout.

  In recent years, with the rise of higher-speed and higher-density optical interconnection solutions, micro-connection products have become a hot spot in the market, and competition is also fierce. What does ADTEK rely on to compete in the market? Stephen believes that no matter what kind of product, customers are concerned about reliable performance, stable quality, cost advantages, and understanding and solving customers’ current pain points. In terms of cost, ADTEK has experience in large-scale manufacturing, lean production and management, and can help customers complete cost-effective product solutions; in terms of quality and performance, ADTEK has served global giants for more than ten years and has always been known for its quality manufacturing. In terms of the connection solution within the optical module, no matter how the rate is iterated, the overall design solution is the same. ADTEK will combine the resources accumulated over the years. This year, ADTEK and USCONEC launched the world’s first MDC interface product solution for 100G SR4 QSFP28 optical modules. In the future, ADTEK will focus on seizing the opportunities of the 400G era and evolve to the next generation of 800G and 1.6T era. “We are currently ready to support the laser cutting production capacity of single-channel 50G+ transmission and the large-scale production capacity of high-precision Fiber Array. At the same time, our Vietnam factory is also looking forward to being closer to overseas giants and cooperating more closely with their innovative solutions and rapid delivery. I firmly believe that we can do better.” Stephen was full of confidence when talking about the micro-connection product line.

  In addition to micro-connection products, our passive optical splitters and wavelength division multiplexers have also made great progress this year. In the future, micro-connection components, PLC, and WDM products will be planned in the company’s optical device department. The company’s business will develop horizontally to provide customers with more products and solutions. Stephen added to the editor.

  Looking ahead, in order to further break through higher-speed product solutions, ADTEK has also established a joint laboratory with Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Shenzhen University to develop optical connection products for the CPO and silicon photonics era, including the next generation of new connectors PRIZM, MXC, and MMC connectors. One year after the project was launched, the product has made a major breakthrough, and connectors such as VSFF MDC and SN have been mass-produced. In the leadership of new technologies, ADTEK has already taken the lead.

  From the large-scale optical connection manufacturing foundation to the global production base layout, and then keep up with the pace of the global market. After 15 years of accumulation, ADTEK is still expanding its layout and will continue to strive to maintain growth. Competing in the global market, ADTEK is working hard to achieve its annual goals step by step. Here, Fiber Online wishes ADTEK to continue to sprint towards their established goals in the new year and realize large-scale manufacturing and sales of global optical connections.


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