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ADTEK Science | Optical Communication Course Summary

02 Fundamentals of Optical Transmission and Optical Networks

I: The basic characteristics of laser.

1. high brightness 2. small divergence angle 3. monochromaticity 4. high coherence

Two: Explanation of terminology    

Wave / time / space / code / frequency division multiplexing

Wave division: the same space in time to run different wavelengths of light

Frequency division: the same wave division

Space division: the same time in a different space to run

Code division: different “codes” running in the same time space

Time division: different times in the same space to run different signals

Three: optical communication network advantages (the following chart)

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04 Fiber optic cable

I: Structure of optical fiber

Fiber core → cladding → coating layer

Second: the classification of optical fiber

By mode: single-mode multimode

By refractive index: reflection and gradient

Three: fiber optic connector types



Four: MTP®MPO type (as below)

I: The main optical passive components

1.Coupler 2.Splitter 3.Isolator 4.Circulator 5.WDM 6.Optical switch 7.WSS 8.Attenuator

Second: the competitiveness of passive components

1.Quality reputation 2.Low cost 3.New R&D 4.Multi-species management

III: Devices in optical fiber communication system (as below)

05 Optical Passive Devices

06 Optical Transceiver Module

I: Optical transceiver module design indicators

1. low power consumption 2. high speed 3. long distance 4. hot-swappable 5. miniaturization 6. intelligent

Second: the function and application of optical transceiver module

Function: Photoelectric signal conversion

Application: optical network and electrical network interfacing

Trend: optical network has been expanding, the intersection interface is expanding

Three: the packaging types of optical modules (as shown)

丨: Light-emitting chip types

1.VCSEL 2.FP laser 3.DFB laser 4.EML laser

Second: light receiving chip types

1.PIN photodiode 2.APD avalanche diode

Three: types of electrical chips for optical modules (as follows)

07 Optical communication basic materials and parts

08 New Technologies and Listed Companies

I: New concepts in optical communication industry

Silicon Light: Optimistic forecast of half of all optical modules in 2024

CPO: i.e. Co-Package Optics (with ASIC)

Coherent optical communication: changing the frequency, phase and amplitude of optical carriers

II: Listed Companies


Finisar is the world’s largest optical module company, with a more powerful product line of digital communication and a collection of all the latest technology solutions.

2. Suntrust

The fastest growing optical module company in the last decade.

3. Optical Communication

It covers all optical devices and vertically integrates various optical communication chip product lines.


The fastest growing optical module company in the past five years. Seized the opportunity of 400G product line in the digital communication market.

5. New Feitong

Tunable laser product line from Emcore, acquired by Lumentum in 2021

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