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New Intelligent Interconnection Management System For Data center

Intelligent Platform

Full routing management system

Intelligent sensing

Passive wireless, One-key bright light positioning

Intelligent Connectivity

Multi-terminal collaboration

System Diagram

New Intelligent Interconnection Management System(Stationary Type)

Integrated Cabinet

Distribution Unit

Network Equipment


Fibertracker Management Platform

RFID Reader-writer

RFlD Tracking Patch Cord

User Terminal Equipment

Rack-mounted reader/writer, mounted in a cabinet,connected to a personal device for Mounting Rack and Fiber tracking operations.

New Intelligent Interconnection Management System(Movable Type)

Integrated Cabinet

Distribution Unit

Fibertracker Management Platform

RFlD Dedicated Equipment

RFlD Tracking Patch Cord

Portable all-in-one machine, no need to install, through the RFlD device for Mounting Rack and Fiber tracking operations.

System supporting Products

ADTEK provide a new type of inteigent interconnection management system, included RfiD tracking tube or label, All types of patch cord, RfiD reader/writer, RflD dedicated devices(handheld device), High density distribution unit, High density integrated cabinet, Adapter, Keystone jack.


System Components




RFID Reader/Writer

The device contains communication module,supports wired or wireless access to thenetwork, and supports rack mounting


RFlD Antennas

902-928MHz (frequency band can becustomized), stable signal and strong penetration.


RFID Dedicated Devices
(Handheld Device)

Integrate RFlD reader, RFlD antenna and terminal mobile device, support Mounting Rack and Fiber tracking operations. Contains high-capacity battery, easy to carry and use.


RFID Tracking Tube

Nylon encapsulation, supports indoor and outdoor, detachable and flexible wiring


RFlD Tracking Tube

Silicone encapsulation, flat against the cable,soft to apply, factory pre-installed,non-removable, more efficient wiring


RFlD TransparentLabels

Suitable for OD 1-7mm different diameters wire, support printing


High Density Distribution Unit

Supports various customized services


High DensityIntegrated Cabinet

Supports various customized services.


RFID Tracking Patch Cord

The patch cord is only attached to ADTEK RFlD tracking bushing and no other changes are required.