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GPX58 Modular Fiber Distribution Frame

atch panels are an indispensable and versatile component in modern telecommunications and data network infrastructure. The rapid development of 5G technology and the continued expansion of data center capacity have led to an increasing demand for efficient and reliable fiber optic connection management.

In response to this, ADTEK launched the GPX58 modular fiber optic patch panel. Compared with traditional patch panels, ADTEK GPX58 has added a series of designs that are easier to operate and use.



1. Modular design

This patch panel adopts modular design and is equipped with module boxes. Each module box can be used independently, which is stable and easy to use. The module box inlet uses MPO interface with low insertion loss, which can accommodate 24-core/36-core LC connection, and can connect up to 144F in 1U space. The modular design improves the flexibility of configuration and maintenance, realizes high-density wiring, and makes the management and upgrade of optical fiber network more convenient.


2. Press-lock device

The push-to-lock mechanism allows the fiber optic connector to be securely locked in place with just one press and easily ejected with another press, allowing for quick and hassle-free replacement and connection.


The terminal is terminated and sealed by mechanical crimping, and the material is upgraded to PC+ABS plastic, which is resistant to high and low temperatures, flame retardant, drop-resistant, and UV-resistant. With the specially designed streamlined appearance and strict waterproof treatment, the protection level reaches IP67, so that the terminal box can operate stably in various harsh environments and can withstand extreme weather conditions such as sandstorms, rainstorms, and snowstorms.

3. Positionable dual guide rails

The GPX58 patch panel is equipped with a positionable double rail system, providing horizontal sliding and three locking positions for precise cable management. The metal pull-out slide device is easy to operate, ensuring neat and orderly installation and more convenient commissioning.


4.Tray tilt design

For tail cable management, the GPX58 patch panel has a tray tilt function. The drawer can slide to the front and tilt downward, providing more convenient operability for tail cable management.


The design of ADTEK GPX58 patch panel focuses on functionality, modularity and ease of use. It uses a simple installation process to achieve high efficiency in rapid deployment, disassembly and maintenance, and greatly optimizes the operation process of each link such as termination, wiring, installation and maintenance. Especially when the cabinet space in the data room is limited, choosing MPO high-density modular patch panel can not only meet basic usage needs, but also effectively save space and quickly respond to wiring and branching.


ADTEK modular fiber optic patch panel provides multiple specifications of single mode/multimode, LC/SC/MPO interface, and can provide customized solution services to meet various usage requirements. Its innovative design and user-friendly functions provide a compact and efficient solution for enterprises that need to achieve smooth and efficient fiber optic network solutions.


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