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ADTEK's Housewarming Celebration and Joint Lab Unveiling Ceremony was held grandly!

On Saturday, December 18, 2021, Shenzhen ADTEK Technology Co., Ltd. held a grand Housewarming Celebration and Unveiling Ceremony of Joint Laboratory of National Engineering Laboratory of Next Generation Internet Access System and ADTEK Technology Co., officially moved into the new office area on 16/F, Building 1, Nanshan iPark Chongwen, No.3370 Liuxian Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China.


On the day of the Housewarming Celebration, the company was decorated in a spectacular manner, with flower baskets, champagne and desserts, red silk was fluttering, converging into a sea of joy and celebration. At 9 am, guests came in droves to sign their names and take pictures on the sign-in wall. At 10 am, the host announced the official start of the housewarming celebration. First of all, Mr. Bai Changan, the chairman of ADTEK, delivered a speech. The chairman expressed his warm welcome and sincere thanks to all the leaders and guests who attended the housewarming ceremony of the company today. Time flows like a stream, looking back to the beginning of ADTEK, the company has gone through 14 struggling years, looking back, it is encouraging; looking forward to the future, it is inspiring. ADTEK will work together with friends in the field of optical communication for common development! The chairman’s speech was inspiring. After that, the director of the joint lab, Deming Liu, and the vendor representative, Barry, made their respective speeches, and both of them expressed their good wishes for the prosperous development of ADTEK.

Auspicious time has arrived, the company leaders and professor representatives together ready to cut the ribbon for the housewarming celebration, cut the ribbon, meaning to collect wealth, but also means to cut out the wonderful, Chairman Bai Chang’an, General Manager Zhu Meihua, Executive Vice President Ma Kui, Marketing Director Zhu Canjia, National Engineering Laboratory Director Liu Deming and ADTEK Joint Laboratory Director Zhang Minming, holding the golden shears, cut out a brilliant future for ADTEK Technology Co., among the high-pitched music and the fireworks, the whole audience celebrated this important moment in the development of Edelweiss with a warm applause! Based on a new starting point, to achieve new heights, this relocation is of great significance to ADTEK, which means that the development of the company has reached a new level! At the same time, the company has received many congratulatory letters from friends, wishing our company’s business to prosper! Thanks to the great love, we will live up to the expectations and move forward in the future!

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the joint laboratory of Next Generation Internet Access System National Engineering Laboratory and ADTEK Technology Co., Mr. Bai Chang’an, Chairman of the Board of Edeltek, and Mr. Zhang Minming, Director of the joint lab, unveiled the joint lab together. The lion dance received the blessing and the guests gathered together. We believe that with the support of the new laboratory, ADTEK will better adhere to the corporate philosophy of professional casting quality, cooperation and win-win future, effectively do a good job in product development and manufacturing, to serve customers as its responsibility, with a new attitude and higher requirements for the future, pioneering and innovative, to become a benchmark enterprise in the global optical communication industry and struggle! After that, the chairman and general manager of the company cut the suckling pig in the sound of gongs and drums, which means good luck. After the housewarming ceremony and the unveiling ceremony, the company arranged a special car to transport all the staff to the Sheraton Bolin Tianrui Hotel Tianrui Xuan to enjoy a sumptuous luncheon to celebrate the housewarming and the unveiling!

Most areas of this newly renovated office environment are presented in an open state and equipped with spaces such as intelligent exhibition hall, conference room, laboratory, reception room, pantry and leisure area. Elegant and comfortable office environment, intelligent office facilities, more than 2,000 square meters of office area, spacious and bright, simple atmosphere, fully reflects the warm humanistic care and solid material foundation of the company, and strongly stimulates the determination and motivation of all ADTEK people to move to new heights together with the company!


New environment, new start, new hope, ADTEK will work hand in hand to transform the first-class office conditions into first-class development performance, and forge ahead, pioneer and innovate. Looking at the present, we are full of ambition; wishing for the future, we are full of enthusiasm. The company has this achievement, need to sincerely thank the long-standing support to the company’s customers, peers and suppliers, may we make progress together, stand in a new starting point, embark on a new journey, and cast a new glory!


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