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ADTEK‘s First Skill Competition丨Fighting personal style and charm of production line

ADTEK‘s First Skill Competition

In order to enhance the quality consciousness and operational skills of all staff, and to continuously improve operational skills and site management, Shenzhen ADTEK Technology Co., Ltd launched a skills competition for front-line staff in December. The general manager and manufacturing director of ADTEK arrived at the site of Dahom factory to cheer for all staff and announced the official launch of the ADTEK‘s first skill competition

The contest is arranged for 28 participants from each line. The contestants will base on their own job skills and show their mastery through skillful operation. The competition is organized around: wearing loose parts, stripping, stripping fiber, gluing, curing, assembling, grinding, end inspection, 3D, through light, packaging, full inspection, etc.


ADTEK‘s First Skill Competition Arrangement

Award Arrangement

The competition is designed for three awards: excellent production line, excellent individual in key post, and excellent line manager; each award is strictly based on quality, efficiency, standard and other factors to evaluate the final result. Each award will be rewarded with honorary certificates and generous bonuses!

Recognition Awards

Excellent production line: 1 person is selected each time and awarded RMB 2500 .

Outstanding individual: one person is selected for each of the seven key posts, and each person is awarded RMB 200 and issued a certificate.

Excellent line leader: the competition comprehensive evaluation of the 1/2/3, respectively rewarded RMB 500/300/200 and issued a certificate of honor.

Personnel Arrangement

In order to make the skill competition more fair, the competition requires each line to arrange 28 people to participate and arrange 14 people to rotate to ensure full participation.

We wish our production line partners to strive for quality! Competition out of style! The new level of competition! The charm of ADTEK production line!


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