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ADTEK records丨Together we overcome the 05.09 epidemic, ADTEK people work together to fight the epidemic

Shenzhen 05.09 Epidemic

      May 9, 2022 0-24 hours, Shenzhen added a new local 1 confirmed case of new crown pneumonia and 1 case of new crown virus asymptomatic infection.

      Among them, by preliminary flow investigation, the main activity trajectory of the new cases in recent days contains the Nanshan Wisdom Park Chongwen Park, which was closed for control management at 4 pm on May 9.

       ADTEK orderly queue to register relevant information

      Our company is also in the sealed control park, and all the partners of ADTEK actively cooperated with the epidemic prevention personnel, registered relevant information and waited patiently for the nucleic acid test to start.

      In the evening, the nucleic acid testing started on different floors, and the medical staff gave nucleic acid samples to all the people and sent them to the designated hospital for nucleic acid testing.

       Closure and control in Chongwen Campus of Zhiyuan

       Due to the large number of personnel, the sealing and control personnel needed to spend the night in the park to wait for the nucleic acid test results and subsequent unified arrangements. Under the orderly organization of the company, the partners of ADTEK unified to order take-out food, and orderly took meals, dined and rested at night.

Takeout is managed by the medical staff and delivered to the campus

ADTEK partners sleep in areas such as relaxation areas, training rooms and meeting rooms

↑ Under the No.1 building of Chongwen Campus in the quiet area ↑


May 10

       At present, all the partners of ADTEK have been sent back to their communities in an orderly manner to work at home or centralized office, during the period of normal service for the majority of customers, if there are urgent matters, please contact the relevant colleagues by phone to deal with, please understand.

       We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the people of ADTEK and our customers for their understanding and support to us.

      The rainy season in Shenzhen will come soon after the summer, and the phoenix flowers in Nanshan will enter the flowering season.

       Summer rain comes and goes in a hurry, home office is only a temporary move, let’s wait for the flowers to bloom and the sky to clear after the rain!


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