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ADETK New Year Recruitment丨Year of the Rabbit Recruitment "talent", "job" waiting for you

      Shenzhen ADTEK Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2007, is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, operation and service. As a leading ODM manufacturer and exporter of fiber optic communication devices, Advantech has over 14 years of export experience and has expanded its business to more than 70 countries and regions. The company focuses on providing fiber optic and copper cable connection products for global customers, providing one-stop fiber optic cabling system and network cable integrated cabling solutions for domestic and international carriers, telecom main equipment vendors and system integrators.

      Our main products include conventional fiber optic patch cords, MPO/MTP® patch cords, AOC active optical cables, WDM WDM multiplexers, CAT8CAT7CAT6ACAT6CAT5E patch panels, modules, network patch cords and cables, information panels, master distribution frames (MDF), fiber optic distribution frames (ODF), FTTX, server room cabinets and a series of other products.

Wisdom Park office environment  

Complete company benefits  

Company benefits

1、Salary above the market level.

2、Generous bonuses.

Year-end bonuses, outstanding staff awards, year-end bonuses for core staff.

3、Diversified benefits: seniority allowance, job allowance.

4、Sound training and learning mechanism.

One-to-one mentor-apprentice training mechanism; laboratory long practical learning.

4、Promotion opportunities.

The company has a sound management, technical, and functional promotion routes.

5、Rich reunion activities.

Staff induction anniversary, holiday activities, team travel, etc.

Job Opportunities

Business Development

Job responsibilities.

1. Product management and planning.

1.1 Pre-sales technical support & sales consulting & solution provision & customized product specification evaluation and management, etc..

1.2 Product management of product lines, product cost & sales price management, product life cycle management.

1.3 Product knowledge training and capability enhancement for marketing team, drafting, preparation and updating of marketing materials/exhibition materials/promotion materials.

1.4 Demand analysis of key customers, follow-up and assistance to sales department’s reception communication and visits;

1.5 Assist sales in pre-development follow-up of new customers, marketing support of new products and rationalization suggestions;

1.6 Market research, market intelligence analysis, competitive market analysis (competitor product performance, price, promotion methods, etc.). 

1.7 New product development progress tracking & new product launch management and training.

1.8 Assist management in developing the company’s overall technology platform plan and new product direction

2. Customer Service

2.1 Establishing specific customer maintenance activities and customer satisfaction tracking.

2.2 Preparation and storage of routine gifts for usage scenarios such as customer visits or client visits.

Job qualifications.

1. bachelor degree or above, familiar with the business model of familiar with the optical communication industry.

2. familiar with communication industry standards, professional knowledge, product knowledge and material knowledge.

3. Understanding of optical communication fiber patch cord, AOC, optical module and other products. 

Structural Design Engineer

Job responsibilities

1、Implement new product development and design, drafting, etc. in accordance with the department’s work plan. 

2、Responsible for preparing technical information of planning products and custom products.

3、Responsible for following up the technical guidance of the production process of outsourced products.

4、Responsible for the preparation of product intellectual property patent information.

5、Responsible for the appearance, quality, performance and quality of outsourced product materials of the R & D review.

6、To other departments to be product technical training support.

7、Assist the sales client technical support, exhibition product explanation, technical support.

Job qualifications.

1, mechanical design and other related majors, bachelor degree or above.

2, familiar with the communication industry standards, familiar with professional knowledge, product knowledge, material knowledge.

3、Knowledge of optical communication fiber patch cord, AOC, optical module and other products.

4、Skilled in PRO-E or CAD and other software, can independently carry out structural 3D design, engineering drawing output and BOM preparation

5、With product innovation design thinking.

Process Engineer

Job duties.

1、Responsible for pre-sales and post-sales technical support, answering sales on customer technical questions.

2, with sales for technical support work, including research, demand analysis, technical communication and communication.

3, follow up on industry technology development and competitors’ product evolution routes, responsible for product competitiveness analysis and planning.

4、Product and technical training for company sales, distributors and system integrators.

5, the weak electrical intelligence industry documents collection, collation, perfect industry solutions.

Job qualifications.

1、Bachelor degree or above, familiar with the principle and requirements of integrated cabling.

2、Firm professional foundation knowledge, familiar with weak electrical intelligent system.

3、Familiar with Autocad, PPT and office software.

4, with strong technical documentation, industry technical documentation and product promotion and presentation skills.

5, with strong hands-on skills and communication and coordination skills, strong sense of responsibility.

BOM engineer

Job duties.

1、Responsible for the preparation, maintenance and update of new and old product BOM, to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of the BOM.

2、Responsible for the management of material numbers and the application of new material numbers; and synchronize changes to the corresponding BOMs.

3、Responsible for maintaining and improving the information of BOM and material substitution list, loss amount and other information in ERP system.

4、Responsible for the audit of sales orders and the production and maintenance of order BOM.

5、Responsible for the completion of other work arranged by the leadership.

Job qualifications.

1、Bachelor degree or above, majoring in physics and electronics, mechanical design and other science and technology.

2、Skilled in using office software, etc.; good tabulation skills.

3、Strong logic, sensitive to numbers.

4、Strong sense of team assistance, with certain communication and coordination skills.

Production Quality Engineer

Job Description.

1、Prepare inspection/inspection specification and product quality control plan for semi-finished and finished products, and train, assess and supervise QC.

2、Responsible for process/finished product exception handling and follow-up, and work with engineering to analyze and close the loop to solve.

3、Monitoring the process throughput rate and scrap rate, using quality tools for statistical analysis and improvement.

4、Use quality tools, planning and leading quality control and quality improvement activities, such as FMEA, SPC, DMAIC.

5、Responsible for process audit, participate in internal audit, customer audit and audit improvement follow-up and closed-loop solution.

6、Responsible for the review of sample orders that need to be reviewed by the technical department, and responsible for the review of engineering related documents.

7、Responsible for sales and customer quality events, including leading the resolution of customer complaints and improvements, product special procurement applications, PCN applications, etc.

8. Familiar with the responsibilities of this position, master the corresponding workflow, operating documents and work skills, and can train other employees on the relevant content.

9. Other work assigned by the supervisor.

Job qualifications.

1, skilled in quality management methods and tools (QC seven practices, SPC, DOE, etc.), sampling plan.

2, familiar with ISO9001 quality management system;

3、good engineering analysis ability.

4、Good communication and coordination skills.

5, with basic computer and network knowledge, familiar with office software.

6、Good Chinese and English expression ability.

Procurement Engineer

Job Description.

1, responsible for the development of cable and other procurement work.

2, responsible for the procurement of related key projects.

3, responsible for the material cost management, according to the company planning management Costdown.

4, for research and development needs, organize material selection, to protect the cost and supply.

5, establish a preferential supply chain system in line with the company’s business characteristics to effectively protect business needs.

7, coordinate resources and promote suppliers to cooperate with the company’s procurement.

8, participate in supplier counseling management, to ensure the stability of supplier supply quality.

 Job requirements.

1、Bachelor degree or above

2, optical communication industry procurement experience of more than 5 years, with supplier development experience.

3, strong ability to coordinate resources and strong experience in supply and staleness risk management.

4、Outgoing and cheerful, with strong anti-stress ability.

5、Adapt to certain business trips.

Sales Assistant

Job duties.

1、 Responsible for arranging follow up with salesmen and customers on order requirements.

2、Responsible for summarizing the order follow-up table to the business department manager, and the data form statistics.

3、 Responsible for the reconciliation of salesman customers, timely reconciliation and invoicing.

4、 Responsible for the department’s payable documents processing, system maintenance.

5、Assist the salesman to deal with customer complaints and abnormal orders.

6、 Assist in the completion of the company’s training, meetings and other activities organized in collaboration with the promotion.

Job qualifications.

1、Full-time undergraduate degree or above.

2、Familiar with the use of office software, able to use excel for basic data processing and analysis.

3、With strong communication skills and expression ability; clear logical thinking.

4、Can quickly and efficiently reflect the things and orders arranged by the leadership.   

Welcome to forward to your friends and colleagues around you, interested partners can contact us directly through the contact information below Oh, looking forward to your arrival!

Contact information.

130 4945 2977

180 2538 1577

Delivery email:

Headquarters address.

16/F, Building 1, Nanshan iPark Chongwen, No.3370 Liuxian Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

Factory Address

5F,Block B,Dakan Science & Technology Park,Xili Nanshan,Shenzhen,China


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