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2023CFCF丨ADTEK won the 2023 Product Innovation Award with hard power

On June 5-7, 2023, the CFCF2023 (China Fiber Connect Forum), hosted by Fiberline, was held in Suzhou, China, during which the 2023 Most Influential Optical Communication Products Awards Ceremony was held simultaneously.

With its leading product power and innovation, ADTEK’s “RFID-based trackable optical patch cable” won the 2023 Innovative Product of the Year Award, demonstrating ADTEK’s strong overall strength.

Every year, the Optical Connectivity Conference holds the “Optical Communication Most Influential Awards Ceremony” to select a number of innovative products from the perspectives of “innovation, influence, and growth”, and this year, ADTEK’s products stand out from many exhibitors’ products, which also demonstrates the strength of ADTEK’s products leading the industry!

As an important part of the RFID-based intelligent fiber finding operation and maintenance solution, the traceable fiber finder is a passive RFID-based traceable sleeve for fiber finding scenarios. The first tracking sleeve for OD 2.0mm cable material is launched, which can be used to confirm the target line by handheld device by reading ID at a close distance, and to find the target line by lighting LED at a long distance. Realize 1 second fiber search.

Features: Provides a standardized, customizable, easy to manage and maintain, convenient and easy to operate fiber finding solution for high-density data center construction cabling and operation and maintenance.

This product can be applied to various indoor and outdoor application scenarios, and can quickly find the target patch cord ends from a large number of redundant patch cords.

ADTEK will take this award as a motivation, and will work hard to achieve innovation in core technologies and technical breakthroughs in product areas, and continue to bring more innovative products and create more value for the optical communication industry.


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