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2023 CFCF 丨Optical connection of everything, colorful future, ADTEK will meet you in Suzhou Optical Connection Conference booth C26

 June 5~7, 2023, the 8th Optical Connectivity Conference CFCF2023 (China Fiber Connect Forum) hosted by Fiber Online was held in Suzhou, China, CFCF2023 is based on optical network infrastructure, based on the technical development path of optical networks, optical devices, optical modules, optoelectronic chips, to optical communications telecommunications, data centers, edge cloud computing, and AI artificial intelligence, biomedical, LIDAR and other new fields, aims to explore the new trends affecting the application of optical communications, from the physical connection of light to the data link connection, and then to the transmission to the application of the interpenetration between the high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI) and the basic network how to better integrate, so as to release the “technology dividend The new momentum generated by the “technology dividend” will allow us to find a broader application space and stimulate the full potential of enterprise growth.

   Shenzhen ADTEK Technology Co., Ltd focuses on providing fiber optic patch cords and copper cables and other connectivity products to customers worldwide, providing one-stop fiber optic cabling and network cable integrated cabling solutions for domestic and international carriers, telecom master equipment vendors and system integrators. Our main products cover high-density data center, 5G forward transmission, integrated cabling and fiber to the home, etc. We are committed to providing superior products and solutions for our customers.


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